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Family Based Immigration

Green Card Lawyer Coral Gables

One of the most rewarding aspects of immigration law is the ability to reunite families. We aid in all aspects of bringing family members to the United States from other countries and securing a family immigration visa.
United States citizens are guaranteed the right to petition (sponsor) their spouse, parents, and minor children in order to allow them to immigrate.  After a required period of time, adult children and any siblings can receive family immigration visas as well. Spouses and unmarried adult and minor children of green card holders can also come to this country. Either the sponsoring petitioner or a joint sponsor must meet income requirements. To ensure a successful resolution to your immigration situation, you should enlist the help of an experienced attorney with a commitment to providing quality services.

At the Law Office of David Estrella P.A., we can start the process in the U.S. or facilitate an interview for your family members in your home country. It is imporatnt to know that if your eligible family member initially entered the United States illegally, or have overstayed any legal entry, he or she may have to voluntarily return to the home country for the consular process to be completed. Removals (deportations)  and criminal convictions can make immigration matters much more complicated and challenging. However, we will do everything possible to overcome those challenges.

There is a significant backlog of visas in various categories, including family-based permanent residence. Once a quota is met for one year, your family member could be pushed into the next year. For more information or to schedule an appointment regarding a family immigration visa, spousal visa, fiancee (K1) visa, or K3 visa, please contact us.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment regarding the immigration process, please contact immigration attorney, David Estrella P.A. at 1-866-628-0510